Xtreme Canada DRONES

Ken McGinn:



Ken is currently a professor at Algonquin College teaching in the Interactive Media Design Diploma Program and founder of Xtreme Canada Productions, Xtreme Canada.com and Xtreme Canada Drones.com. His background as a professional mouintain bike racer prepared him for the exciting world of sports action video and photography.


  • UAV ground school. This training conforms to TP 15263 (08/2014) Knowledge requirements for pilots of unmanned Air Vehicle systems UAV 25kg or less, Operating within Visual Line of Site.


  •   Industry Canada Air Radio Restricted Operator Certificate














Peter T Campbell:



Peter is a very active professional pilot flight instructor and ground training instructor who never tires of the challenges of delivering quality training to a variety of customers.Peters flight experiences go beyond fixed wing flying to include rotary wing aircraft and unmanned air systems and vehicles.


  •   Transport Canada commercial pilots License
  •   Commercial Single and Multi engine Aeroplane and helicopter land UAV
  •   Boeing Scan Eagle pilot and mission commander
  •   Industry Canada Air Radio Restricted Operator Certificate