Xtreme Canada DRONES

UAV service.    $200/hr (professional UAV service including:

(A professional UAV pilot, Operations manager, aircraft, Special Flight Operations Certificate, $1,000,000 liability insurance and ground station equipment)

 DJI "Inspire 1" multi-rotor at 4K video 21 MP stills $175 per hour



$375 per shoot, Dual Operator for higher quality and precision Includes:
2 to 3 minute edited video and 15 to 20 high resolution pictures.


$275 per shoot, Single Operator Includes: 15 to 20 high resolution pictures.


We offer a full range of UAV aerial services. Our focus is high definition aerial photography and videography.

All commercial jobs require a Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada (TC).


Xtreme Canada Drones has a Standing "Special Flight Operations Certificate" for Ontario, Canada.

A standing SFOC enables us to provide UAV services without having the usual wait time.


Keep in mind that UAVs are not going to provide all the video and photography for a proper video production. For ground based video and photography we offer full services at Xtreme Canada Productions which will be launched soon.